FAQs Page

This page will serve in answering most questions you may have about our services. All questions are based on what customers have asked us previously. If you do not see an answer to your question here, please do not hesitate to visit our contact page.


The Spicy Seasonal LookBook

  • What happens after I purchase?

This is a complete DIY lookbook style system. After purchasing you will immediately receive the digital lookbook link with all the information you need to build your wardrobe for the upcoming season.

  • Does the lookbook cater to all body types and sizes?

Yes! All women can benefit from this lookbook, whether petite, plus size, tall, pear shape etc. The lookbook and shopping list inside are inspirational and educational guides. You can shop at any store you find suitable.

  • What kind of information is included in the seasonal wardrobe shopping list?

The shopping list gives you the pieces you need every season to have a functional, bold and fun wardrobe. It provides you with detailed styling tips, how to wear specific trends/silohettes and how to incorporate these pieces into a style story that is uniquely you.

  • Does the shopping list include plus size options?

Yes! Plus size options are included for all items on the shopping list.

  • Do I need to have a specific budget to invest in the shopping list items?

The choice is yours! Spend as little or as much as you want. I recommend shopping your closet first to see if you might have similar items. You can also shop where ever you please, any of your favorite stores with similar items will work. My job is to save you money with a sufficient guide on what you need.

  • If I try it and its not for me, can I get a refund?

Sorry, No refunds are available on lookbooks at this time.

  • How often do you create new lookbooks?

Lookbooks are updated at the beginning of each and every season of every year-Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

  • Can I be notified when the new lookbook launches?

For sure! Click here to join the mailing list!

  • What kind of women used this service in the past and how do you know it will work for me too?

The Spicy Seasonal Lookbook helps busy dream-chasing business women, who are stuck in astyle rut, need a style refresher or never had any specific style but want a genuine one now. These women, like you, want to standout with genuine style that is ideal for them and represents their brand well. Our transitioning entrepreneurs are ready to start a new season stylishly. As long as you take ACTION and follow the guidelines it will work for you too.

  • How is this different from other companies that have an online styling guide or lookbook?

Most companies who provide a similar service, do not have a full shopping/styling system laid out for you according to personal style types, which are individual to each client. They simply recommend clothing from specific retailers who may or may not be in your budget and/or cater to your body type. A generic "what to wear" seasonal guide is not what you need because you are unique!

Style IngeNEWity is unbiased in terms of where to shop and provides you with a detailed seasonal guide with style types to choose from. It features not only WHAT to wear but HOW to wear seasonal trends in a way that suits you. As well as a description of how these trends relate to you, your brand and your style type.

Not to mention shopping and styling yourself has never been easier when you have a list on hand and can also shop your closet like a champ. You will strengthen your confidence and empower yourself. When you look like a rockstar, you feel like a rockstar and you do rockstar things! BOOM!


The Style Haven Membership

  • Will I really have access to you on call?

Yes! ALL DAY, EVERYDAY with a response within 24 hours.

  • Will I have access to in-person (1 on 1) styling as well?

No. This is a virtual (online) membership only. However, you can take advantage of your 20% discount on in-person styling services in NYC. You can also join us for sip and chat meetups in the city!

  • Can I join the membership if I am in another state?

For sure! This virtual membership provides style help to dream-chasing women around the world. Everyone is able to take part in all online activities, no matter where you are! And if you are ever in NYC, feel free to join our meetups or book a 1 on 1 session with me if you like. Would love to meet you!

  • Is the private group on Facebook?

No. For our exclusive membership group we use a platform called, Mightybell. It can be used on the go via IOS and Android smart phones or it can be used online via a PC or Mac.

  • How often will the "why do accessories matter?" styling class and shopping party be done?

The "why do accessories matter?" styling class and shopping party will be done bi-annually, for new members and old.

  • How often are the NYC meetups done?

The NYC meetups will be done about 4 times a year. If you miss one, you'll be sure to catch the next.

  • How does the ambassadorship program work?


  • How are the membership plans priced?

Membership plans are priced as follows: $25 per month OR $270 per year. Both offer the same value. However, I do recommend getting the best bang for your buck with the yearly plan, where you will be SAVING $30/yr. On a monthly plan, you will be paying $300 per year in total. 

  • Will my card be automatically charged every monthly or yearly renewal cycle?

yes auto matic when will the money come out ,...same time each month

  • Can upgrade or downgrade my plan after initial purchase?

Yes! You can switch between plans if needed. Feel free to contact us. 

  • If I try it and it's not for me, can I cancel my membership? If yes, do i get a refund?

For monthly plans, no just wait and dont renew....yearly, yes and get back some of it