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Go From Drab to Fab!

Get Immediate Access to the 5 step guide that will skyrocket your confidence and show you how to attract your ideal clients before you ever say a word!

You will learn how to: 

* Create an effortless, memorable, "on-brand" personal style that communicates your value and makes you a magnet for new clients and connections.

* Begin dressing for your shape and shop for items that flatter it...minus the overwhelm!

* Re-invent your current wardrobe to command attention and show authority while in alignment with your lifestyle, personality and brand!

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Hey Dream-Chaser,

You're a strong, bold, talented woman on a mission...

Your Personal Style is Important!

You're on the hunt for:

  • A style that commands attention, supports your passion and leaves people wanting to know YOU!

  • Style that empowers you to not only look good, but FEEL good.

  • Unconventional and UNIQUE fashion choices that add to your love of risk-taking.

  • A style that is bold and just WORKS no matter how you grow, change and mix/match trends.

  • But most of all, style that lets your personality SHINE through and allows you to be un-apologetically YOU!




congrats lady!

You're in the right place!

Get cozy and let this be your fashion haven for creating amazing style beyond your wildest dreams!

At this point, you are ready to admit that you haven't been dressing for the lifestyle and/or business that you want! You have been pushing your wardrobe issues to the side long enough. You are ready to eliminate the "what do I wear?what do I buy?" syndrome for good but...

  • You're not quite sure what style type brings out the REAL you OR you know what kind of style you want, but you're having trouble styling outfits that match your ideas.
  • You're lost and overwhelmed when it comes to shopping and finding unique pieces.
  • You're unsure of how to incorporate trends and accessories in a way that matches your style story. 
  • You're stuck in a work-from-home, sweat pants inducing style rut.
  • You used to have bold style that you loved but since changing paths in life and/or having kids your style just did not follow suit.



Well listen up, girlfriend!

Fashion is Never set in Stone!

You DESERVE to be authentically YOU, while having fun with your style and making "different" a trend. You CAN be bold and have "an eye" for spotting unique pieces with ease when shopping. You CAN have freedom with your style that matches the free spirited life you are after; no matter your size or budget. 

Discovering your true style identity before ANY other step (Ahem...the shopping trips and closet edits that didn't do you any justice), allows for all of this, as well as experimentation with fashion and all that it has to offer. 

If you want "easy as pie" wardrobe functionality that is never boring and brings you and your brand to life then look no further. I'm your girl!


Hey Gorgeous!



MEET your personal style CONNOISSEUR!

I'm Phylicia Bernard

The self proclaimed style rebel and fashionista, that will help you up your style game! (yes... really!) 

I help strong, bold, talented, dream-chasing women who are designing a life that they LOVE. Women who want to find genuine, standout personal style that empowers them; Bold style that is unlike the fashion norms and represents their personality, lifestyle, brand and inner BOSS lady to be, full of uniqueness and passion!

Right now you might be mumbling something like,"But why do you think you can help me Missy?"

Good question!

I can help you because... I am you! (well, a lot like you that is) A 9-5 career woman turned unconventional GirlBoss

I've been there. I know what you need to look stylish everyday of your changing lifestyle and how to build a style that not only compliments your lifestyle and/or budding brand, but one that you love.

My style system is "against the grain" of fashion and styling norms. It captures the essence of who you are with innovation and boldness, bringing you renewed confidence and the ability to stand out!

Create that sought after balance in your life and business and be dressed for each and every part of it.

I can show you how!






I am ECSTATIC to work with dream-chasing style rebels and fashion rulebreakers who are ready to learn how to dress before their success.

If you believe, as i do, that creating genuine style is the key to all of your fashion woes, then join me and together we will create genuine style that uplifts, kick fashion confusion to the curb and make getting dressed everyday simple!

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