Triple Threat Personal Style System

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Triple Threat Personal Style System


A Personal Style Development and Image Transformation that will take you through three complete phases: The Closet Revamp + style , Personal shopping and Restyling.

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Hey Gorgeous!

In this moment, you are a woman who has a closet full of clothing but nothing to wear. You are bored and uninspired with your wardrobe.

You know your wardrobe and image needs an upgrade, but:

You are unsure of what you need exactly or how to define your personal style.

Nothing fits 'just right' or flatters your current shape, fluctuating weight or body after baby. 

Or you go buy some new items only to find out you have no idea how to wear them with what you already own.

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Working with Phylicia made me feel completely comfortable and at peace. My biggest style frustration before her, was finding the right fit to look great at the size I am right now. I also wanted to feel comfortable in my clothes and look the part of BOSSlady.

Since our closet revamp consultation, I am now CONFIDENTLY dressing for my shape, size, and feel better about the clothes I wear. I understand my body type well and know the items that will look great and always flatter me. I’ve also gotten a great sense of how to work with what I have in my closet. I feel confident because I now know HOW to wear my clothes! A weight has been lifted and I appreciate her!
— Takima Howze, Writer, Coach and Author

Well picture this lovely:

  • A Complete understanding of your style story and how you can create outfits geared towards this image.

  • A renewed closet full of streamlined clothing that look great, fit well, and get you excited to wear them with confidence.

  • An easy map or shopping list guide that will take the guesswork out of what to buy and allow your shopping experience to be enjoyable.

  • The ability to shop with ease even when you go to the stores solo + mix, match and style your old and new items comfortably.

  • A new found "third eye" ability to spot unique pieces at the drop of a hat and knowing how to pair it well for a fun and enticing look.

In one package, the Triple Threat Personal Style System can help you achieve all of this. It is a 30 Day Personal Style Development and Image Transformation that will take you through three complete phases: The Closet Revamp, Shopping with Intention and Restyling.

Here's how this works:

  • Phase 1: The Closet Revamp

  1. We begin by crafting your unique style story based on your lifestyle, personality and/or brand. We will identify a style type that allows you to fully express yourself and is genuinely you!

  2. We will determine your body type/shape and the silhouettes that flatter you best. Also, we will create an ideal color palette that compliments your skin tone, as well as speaks to those around who on a subconscious level, so that you can begin conversations a mile away. We will also tackle any mindset blocks that might be holding you back from empowering yourself with total confidence.

  3. I will go through your entire closet (accessories included) with you, to figure out what needs to be kept, tossed, tailored for fit, or consigned for a streamlined, de-cluttered wardrobe that represents the woman you are right now!

  4. From the pile of "Keep" I will renew your clothes and create outfits, you are in love with. Outfits you never knew existed right in your closet. I will photograph these looks and create a photo look book of the outfits for your future reference.

  • Phase 2: Shopping with Intention

  1. Based on the closet revamp, I will create a shopping list that will fill in the missing pieces to complete your wardrobe. This will help you to shop with direction, thus saving time and money.

  2. I will pick 1-2 stores that match your needs and take you on a shopping trip to hunt for the specific items that will expand your wardrobe with items that are needed and ones that you know how to wear with what you already own. This will also be a learning experience so that you can feel confident shopping solo at a moments notice.

  • Phase 3: Re-style

  1. We will meet again for a restyle session after the shopping trip. You will learn how to mix, match and create brand new outfits with your old and new items. This will create a much larger and stronger wardrobe for your day to day activities or specific events. I will snap photos of everything and add to your custom photo look book of outfits to reference.

**You will also have on-call access to me for any and all style questions during the 30-Day period

Triple Threat Personal Style System
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Before working with Phylicia, I was not able to figure out what exactly matches my body type or how best to utilize what’s already in my closet. I never even gave much thought into doing a closet cleanse.

After our time together, I now know what types of clothing styles to look for to flatter my shape and ones to avoid, which is definitely going to be a time saver. I think going forward this will certainly allow me a better way of shopping for my shape, personal style and also for business-centered looks I would love to create for my brand. I also have a better understanding of things I just need to LET GO of in my closet.

I loved all the pointers and tips, since I never worked with a stylist before and didn’t know what to expect, but working with Phylicia was awesome! I felt comfortable! Given I am very shy, I’m glad that the process didn’t make me feel completely awkward. She is very personable and made the process fun!
— Sasha-Shae Weekes, Website Designer and Natural Hair/Lifestyle Blogger

Triple Threat Personal Style System
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