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annnddd...the self proclaimed style rebel and fashionista, that will help you up your style game! (YES... REALLY!

I help powerful, ambitious women from all walks of life who are making big moves in the world, equipping them with the style tools to stand out and command attention in their industry and life!  

If you identify as an female entrepreneur, professional career woman, mompreneur, bold creative, TV personality, female author, upcoming musician, artist, actress or any other woman who is taking the world by storm, changing the game, and you need an image to match..... then girllll, you're in the right place!

Right now you might be mumbling something like, "But why do you think you can help me missy?"

Good question!

I can help you because... I am you! (well a lot like you, that is). An overly passionate, ambitious #girlboss, #changemaker and #rulebreaker!

I know what you need to look stylish everyday of your changing lifestyle and how to build a style that not only compliments your lifestyle and/or budding brand, but one that you love.

My style system is "Against the grain" of fashion and styling norms. It captures the essence of who you are with innovation and boldness, bringing you renewed confidence and the ability to stand out!


Let's be partners in creating that look you will be known for! That look that will steal the show and stop people in their tracks!

"Most women know that they are NOT defined by the clothing they wear, 
but women making BIG MOVES know that the clothing they wear is an exact match for the confidence they feel and the success they've achieved!"

Here are some of the ways we can work together to upgrade your wardrobe and confidence! Choose your style adventure below based on your needs!

I love playing a part in the success of bad-ass, dream-chasing women who understand that first impressions are everything. Your style is truly an extension of you and getting dressed is something you do everyday. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to make a greater impact with your appearance from the moment you step in out!

What's more fun than fashion fun?

Get all the fashion and style inspiration you need at a very low cost, free! Tips and tricks, fashionable how-to's, and my personal style are some of the things you can take a peak of while on the blog. You can be sure to discover a golden style nugget or two while taking a read. I teach not only "What to wear" but "How to wear". 

Also, wanting to find unique clothing that you won't see anyone else wearing and hear inspiring stories from other powerful women? Check out the Emerging Designer Project Series, a women's image and empowerment project where once a month I interview emerging fashion designers (who are boss ladies themselves), style an editorial with their designs and feature real women as my models.  Our theme is "brands for powerful women,created by powerful women"!

  Make your looks scream luxury

Make your looks scream luxury

  How to wear a Sleeveless Blazer

How to wear a Sleeveless Blazer

  The Emerging Designer Project: Jinaki (August designer)

The Emerging Designer Project: Jinaki (August designer)