What is holding you back from empowering yourself through style?

Be honest...

As a business woman, is striking the balance of professional, refined and still full of flair and personality a hassle? Is getting dressed and ready in the morning (or for any occasion/event) a harried frenzy?

If you said YES, then you are here by divine intervention because you+me are meant to be! You are after freedom and a life on your own terms girl! You deserve a sense of freedom and peace with your style as well!

Working with me can help you kick the "what do I wear? what do I buy?" syndrome to the curb and never experience another style rut. No more feeling out of date and boring. No more frustration and overwhelm when shopping. No more confusion about incorporating trends or even accessories in a way that suits you. No more fear of being uniquely YOU with your style and bold fashion choices.

But where are my manners? Let me formally introduce myself...

My name is Phylicia! 

I am a Licensed Practical Nurse turned Registered Nurse turned Fashion Marketing Expert turned Personal Stylist and Style Blogger.

I know, I know, what can a nurse teach you about style right?

Funny story, I actually started my styling business four years ago, while still in scrubs! Yup, I was living a double life (and yes, it was as exhausting as it sounds). Nursing was a fulfilling journey I began in my high school years and continued into adulthood. It required persistence, dedication and provided great fulfillment when I saw how much I helped or changed someone's life health wise.

However, as an entrepreneur-ess, i'm sure you can relate, that in everything we do we MUST be passionate, or it will never be the best experience for us and the people that we serve!

I remember the exact day I mentally retired my scrubs and nursing crocs, after realizing that I was not living in my truth. Nursing had not been my destiny, all along. It was merely something I did because it was available. I always knew fashion and style was important to me; for goodness sake I was trying to give scrubs a personality and look polished in them (can you imagine how hard that was). I wanted to break free; to express myself on my own terms. Fashion had always been my explanation before I spoke, but my identity was now screaming, "Hi I'm a nurse and nothing more". I felt trapped!

I truly respected nurses who were passionate and did what they loved (and still do). For that reason I bowed out, passed the torch and decided to also do what I loved and serve those that were in need of my help.

Without hands-on fashion industry experience or schooling, I daringly quit my nursing job and immersed myself in the fashion world with full force. Guided by my natural talents, I networked and interned like a mad lady which opened doors and propelled me into styling positions I never dreamed of achieving. I also created a social media marketing company as my first fashion venture, for women who owned fashion brands. A year into that biz, I began to realize that these women were also taking notice to my strong sense of personal style and were now asking me for fashion advice. They wanted to know how to improve their look, standout when attending business events and just to up their everyday wardrobe. Needless to say, I changed paths. I knew I was meant to help them (and YOU) full time.

Why am I telling you this story?

'Cause I know you got big dreams girl! But more importantly, I know you can manifest and achieve those dreams. I have been where you are and I know it takes guts to block out the noise and be persistent. Many people never go out on a limb and chase their dreams, so I give you credit. But remember, soaring to new heights in your journey, opens the door to new opportunities and with new opportunities you need to make great first impressions (image+value). To make great first impressions, you need to feel confident! And total confidence attracts great success into you business and life. Catch my drift here? So why worry about what you will wear to your next biz event or client meeting? Why not learn to dress before your success? Let me show you how to utilize your image as a means to relate, connect and build authority!

My entrepreneurial spirit, has led me to be a bold, fearless GirlBoss, with a personal style to match. I support daring women just like you, who want the same! Women who are hungry for entrepreneurial success and a stylish image that screams confidence. I want you to focus on those dreams, while looking and feeling like a ROCKSTAR!

Style Rebel (definition) - noun - A stylish woman who is strong, bold, talented, unique and driven. She is a dream-chaser and rule-breaking fashionista who is aggressively pursuing her passion, rebelling against the norms of the 9-5 and defying all odds that may be against her as an entrepreneur/ Boss Lady to be.


Is Style IngeNEWity the right fit?

I created Style IngeNEWity, to inspire dream-chasing women just like you, who are strong, bold and talented; dedicated to helping them find genuine, standout personal style that uplifts, empowers and attracts success. Our in-person and online services craft the perfect style story that matches your brand, personality, shape and allows you to "get fashion right" every time!

Our motto...

IF YOU LIKE IT, FIND A WAY TO WEAR IT! Stop Letting Fashion own you!

Rehearse this mantra because...

You're unconventional and unique; Out here following your dreams, taking risks most people never take, living in your truth and pursuing your passions. So naturally, you're itching to try something new and daring with that style of yours, am I right?

Something that captures your true essence, is the right fit, boosts your confidence, strengthens your brand identity and shows the world how bold and sassy you are.

Lucky you, beautiful...that's exactly where I come in!

1st rule of fashion= Break all "rules"! (while looking hot!) 

2nd rule= Just like your brand content, in our community, personal style is KING! Find it authentically and you will save money, time and energy.

3rd rule= Know what you want to achieve with your style and be open to trying new things!

4th rule= Be Bold! Be Unique! Be YOU! 

Helping you put your best foot forward is my greatest interest!

Together we will create personal style MAGIC because we all know that first impressions are everything when it comes to your ideal audience and clients. 

In a world of extroverts, you might be an introvert who is looking for a way to share your message loud and bold (trust me great style can get any conversation started and make a lasting impact). 

Many stylists preach the importance of shape and color choices first, and although it is very important, I am passionate about helping you identify your specific style story first, which will make finding the right clothing simple!

I have helped countless entrepreneurial women find authentic style that allows them to wake up feeling energized, excited to get dressed and ready to take the world by storm. Style Rebels JUST LIKE YOU who dare to dream big while looking fashionable! 

ARE YOU ready To create genuine style?

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What our clients are saying!



  1. Style Inge(NEW)ity is derived from the words, Style and Ingenuity (definition) - noun - the quality of being clever, original, inventive, creative. These are the exact words that can be used to describe our thought process when creating NEW and genuine style. 
  2. 'Entrepreneuress' - a woman entrepreneur and princess (uh..duh!).
  3. 'What do I Wear? What do I buy? Syndrome' (Ok so you're not really sick!) - stems from confusion and unrealistic notions about fashion and what our style should look like instead of what we want it to look like.

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Official Bio

Personal Style Connoisseur and Style Blogger, Phylicia Bernard, empowers fellow dream-chasing women to create genuine personal style that attracts success in life and business.

She is deeply passionate about personal style/ image discovery and its impact on empowering women to DO more, BE more and DESIGN a life they LOVE . "With our busy day to day lives, women forget how important it is to make their appearance a priority and discover their power to manifest anything or anyone into their lives". Phylicia believes that when you create a personal style that works specifically for you, the constant "what do I wear? what do I buy?" syndrome women experience is eliminated for good and their closet wars finally end.

With her years of styling industry expertise, Phylicia has built an amazing community of women entrepreneurs who describe her as their go to style expert. Style IngeNEWity is all about releasing the closet overwhelm, creating a personal style that you are in love with and renewing your confidence so that you can live in your truth, be authentic in life + biz and tell your story without saying a word.

In addition to her previous fashion marketing brand, Phylicia has styled women from many backgrounds and budgets at highly acclaimed fashion houses like Saks Fifth Avenue.  She has also been a participating stylist for major fashion shows such as Diesel Black Gold during New York Fashion Week for two seasons. When she is not transforming a client's look, she is being a momma to a sweet baby boy or enjoying all that NYC has to offer!