Be Honest...


Is striking the balance of professional, confident, refined, sexy and still full of flair, sass and personality a hassle? Is getting dressed and ready for any occasion/event a harried frenzy?

If you said YES, then you are here by divine intervention because you+me are meant to be! You deserve and absolutely need a sense of freedom, peace and ease with your style!

The time is now! No more panic when that big event is coming up. No more frustration and overwhelm when shopping. No more confusion about curating tons of outfits that just work no matter what. No more fear of being uniquely YOU, no matter what that looks like for you.


But where are my manners?

Let me formally introduce myself! My name is Phylicia Bernard…

and I am a former Nurse turned Personal Stylist for women. It's true and i have pictures to prove it!


I know, I know, what can a nurse teach you about style right?

Funny story is, four years ago, I made my boldest move ever and quit nursing to start my styling business. Nursing was a fulfilling journey I began in my high school years and continued into adulthood. It required persistence, dedication and provided great fulfillment when I saw how much I helped or changed someone's life health wise.

However, I believe that in everything we do we must be passionate, or it will never be the best experience for us!

I remember the exact day I mentally retired my scrubs and nursing crocs, after realizing that I was not living in my truth and not making as big of an impact as I wanted to make in this world. Nursing was something I did because it was available, my Caribbean parents wanted to ensure my security and I was determined to finish what I started (i'm no quitter). But, I always knew fashion and style held the key to my heart; for goodness sake I was trying to give scrubs a personality and look polished in them (can you imagine how hard that was). I wanted to break free; to express myself on my own terms. Fashion had always been my explanation before I spoke, but my outward identity and appearance was now screaming, "Hi I'm a nurse and nothing more". I felt trapped!

I truly respected nurses who were passionate and did what they loved (and still do). For that reason I gracefully bowed out, passed the torch and decided to also do what I loved and serve those that were in need of my help.

Without hands-on fashion industry experience or schooling, I daringly quit my nursing job and immersed myself in the fashion world with full force. I made some connections and quickly realized that as an introverted gal, it was my personal style and overall image that usually peaked the interest of others time and time again. What I considered an outright declaration of who I was, got the conversation started for me! I knew that this was an important way to stand out from the crowd, attract those we desire to attract and make bold statements about who we are right away..

Needless to say, I changed paths. My purpose, passion and motivation is to help you show up even bigger in the world..

Seriously, why worry and panic about what you will wear to a business conference, friend’s wedding, or an extravagant gala?

Why continue to feel like the worst dressed or “simple” one in the room while everyone else around you shines? Let me show you how to make an impact every time, in everything you wear! Use your style as a tool to relate, connect and express the true you!

Style IngeNEWity empowers women just like you, who want to look and feel like ROCKSTARS!


#1. If you like it, find a way to wear it!

Stop letting fashion own you! I guarantee that there is a deeper reason why you were drawn to an item. 

#2. Break all self imposed Fashion "Rules"!

(while looking HOT and staying true to you!) Living for and buying every trend is not the only way to be stylish!

#3. Personal style is king!

Create it, brand it, be authentic and you will save money, time and energy.

#4. Have a vision for every look but be open to trying new things!

Be bold! Be unique! Be you!

Keep these in mind because...

Helping you put your best foot forward is my greatest interest!

Together we will create an image that makes a bold and unforgettable statement.

Many stylists preach the importance of shape and color choices first, and although it is very important, I am passionate about helping you identify your specific style story first, which in addition to the above, will make finding the right clothing simple!

Ready to get started?


We both know that the proof is in the pudding! Here are results from a few lovely clients!

PRESS PLAY (18).png
Working with Phylicia made me feel completely comfortable and at peace. My biggest style frustration before her, was finding the right fit to look great at the size I am right now. I also wanted to feel comfortable in my clothes and look the part of BOSSlady.

Since our closet revamp consultation, I am now CONFIDENTLY dressing for my shape, size, and feel better about the clothes I wear. I understand my body type well and know the items that will look great and always flatter me. I’ve also gotten a great sense of how to work with what I have in my closet. I feel confident because I now know HOW to wear my clothes! A weight has been lifted and I appreciate her!
PRESS PLAY (17).png
Phylicia made me feel very comfortable from the jump! She was warm, easy to talk to and fun to dig around my closet with. It was like playing dress up with a girlfriend! My biggest struggle before working with her was wanting to still be fashionable even while working from home.

I thought that most of my clothes would be out of style since I’m only in comfy clothes now and most of my “nice” clothing was bought 4-5 years ago while I was in corporate. But to my surprise, she didn’t want to throw out my entire wardrobe! Phylicia brings a high level of knowledge to a session and makes it easily digestible info for people who aren’t as much “in the know.
Untitled design (15).png
Working with Phylicia, I was able to add a new level of sophistication to my brand. Because my brand voice and personality is very fun, sassy, and bold, I wanted my style of clothing to communicate intelligence, sophistication, and confidence. She helped me create the exact contrast I was looking for! Phylicia saved me tons and tons of time and stress by just providing me with the perfect outfit options. I walked away with some incredible outfits that I am super excited about for my brand photoshoot!
— Jamie Jensen, CEO CopyWriter, Content Strategist at

Phylicia Bernard is a Guyanese born Personal Stylist and Style Blogger. (Guyana: South America) She equips women with the style tools to stand out and powerfully express who they are! 

The Style IngeNEWity personal styling firm was birthed out of a deep passion for supporting, inspiring and empowering women to DO more, BE more and DESIGN a life/wardrobe they LOVE .

Phylicia believes that when you develop a personal style that works specifically for you, you not only feel a 1000% more confident but the constant "what do I wear? what do I buy?" syndrome women experience is eliminated for good and their closet wars finally end.

She has been featured in BUSTLE, named a 20 on the RISE recipient, and styled women from many backgrounds/ budgets at highly acclaimed fashion houses like Saks Fifth Avenue.  She has also been a participating stylist for major fashion shows such as Diesel Black Gold during New York Fashion Week.