How to Wear: A Menswear Inspired Look

Now you know I am not a "trends only" kind of gal! I love to explore with my style and maximize wear-ability, no matter the price, brand etc. and encourage my clients to do so as well! There is nothing better than standing out from the crowd and making a statement. However, this menswear inspired look was a Fall/Winter trend that really caught my eye for 2 reasons:

  1. It allows for a unique, effortless feel and has clean lines. 
  2. It is a mix of masculine and feminine tastes that shows how stylish you are for being able to pull it off.
tuxedo blazer- Forever21// Cigarette pants- Zara// Oxfords- Amazon// Necklace- BaubleBar

tuxedo blazer- Forever21// Cigarette pants- Zara// Oxfords- Amazon// Necklace- BaubleBar

For this look I paired a tuxedo blazer with a pair of cigarette pants and oxfords!

This look can be a bit tricky to pull off but here's how you can create your own Menswear Look with a mix of femininity:

  1. Look to your closet for any structured/tailored pieces with straight lines. This could be a blazer, or vest (like this one) cropped straight legged pants, pinstriped pants, dresses or skirts, cardigans, collared shirts.
  2. Use accessories to compliment the look depending on how much masculine/ feminine balance you want to create. Oxford shoes are a great addition to the look but feel free to throw on a pair of pointed toe pumps. Don't be afraid to wear a skinny tie or bow-tie if you would like to turn the creativity up a notch. However, a subtle necklace or bold watch can also work as well.
  3. Last but certainly not least, Try not to go over board! Don't go raiding your husband's closet! Balance is key.  If your outfit looks mostly masculine, try a pair of sexy heels to offset it. Or, if you feel like you're too feminine with your ensemble, ask yourself if there is a menswear inspired, minimal accessory that you can add to the look.

Love this look? Let me know if you're eager to try it in the comments! 

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