How to Build a Signature Image for your brand!

Hey BOSS Ladies!

#RealTalk If you are not crafting a very specific and recognizable brand identity based on how you want to be perceived, the message you want to send and who you are as a person, then you are missing out on a huge chunk of your marketing strategy, plain and simple!

Not just website colors and fonts but a real head to toe signature Image that your ideal clients can relate to and be drawn to you right from the first contact with your brand..Prime them for the sale! Make them want to know more about you and your brand! Here's how:

My Signature Image is sassy, innovative, bold with a subtle sexy + luxe. When you come in contact with my brand, you should feel confidence, empowerment, a hint of luxury and a unique take on style, all wrapped up in one (hopefully I hit it on the nail, after all this is my job :-)

So here are 5 tips on how you can begin crafting your own signature image:

  1. Stop focusing on sizes to the point where you are trying to squeeze into a smaller one. The number does not matter, as long as the FIT and silhouette is impeccable to flatter your shape! When you make a decision to look good no matter your body type, you immediately feel good and you are actually more likely to be proactive + productive in taking care of your body (exercise, eat well etc.). So those extra pounds you may feel like you need to lose, will actually begin to happen. Self acceptance from the inside out is the truly the key to building your confidence.
  2. Don't use fashion magazines, tv etc, as a guide to style. True style and branded image has nothing to do with fashion. The media tends to focus on trends and must haves, which aren't for everyone. (And cant forget the unrealistic depictions of strong, bold women) An item you feel great in is never out of style. If you like it, find a way to wear it!
  3. Simply make the decision to be more confident! it wont happen overnight but making the decision is a great start. If you are struggling with body image, strip down, take a long look at yourself in the mirror and study your body! Just like in business, mindset practices are everything! Write down your body story (negative lies you may have been feeding your mind with) and counter them with the actual truths/positive affirmations that are your new normal. 
IMG_6836 (1).JPG
  • Tip 2: DISCOVER YOUR STYLE PERSONALITY (to do that, answer these questions in detail)
  1. How do you want your branded image, personality and message to look? What perception do you want to create in the minds of prospects to connect with them on a deeper level? What makes you unique? Write down very descriptive words.
  2. How do you want to feel in your clothes? Write down very descriptive words (comfy etc.)
  3. What words describe your brand, that you must highlight? Write them down.
  4. What are your favorite features/best personality traits that you would love to highlight in your brand? you know what to do by now...write them down :-)
  5. Describe your lifestyle and its main activities (speaking engagements, client meetings, online/stay at home style etc.) There's even a way to dress up at home and still feel comfy!
  6. What goals are you looking to accomplish in your life and business? Ever heard of dress for the job you want? This is what we are doing! Want to live a lavish lifestyle/ high end clients? be a public speaker? comfy laptop travel lifestyle etc. Invest in an image along those lines.

While doing this exercise you might see the same descriptive words and feelings come up time and time again. Pay attention to those. They are key in deciphering your style personality! To make this tons easier on you, feel free to take my quick and easy Style Personality Quiz by clicking HERE!


    Simply put, cluttered closets = a cluttered life and messy brand image! Go through everything, and I mean everything, even accessories. The 2 main things I look for when doing a closet cleanse for clients is to, look for items that FIT well and items that match all those words you wrote down in step 2. Create new outfits that represent you well and the way you want your clients to feel through your brand. Find your power colors (find out how in my 5 step guide) and use them wisely to communicate psychologically. Don't be afraid to keep something if it fits well thinking its not in style. Items can be reinvented in many ways. (styled differently or altered.) toss what is not needed.

My DIY Closet Cleanse Handbook gives a thorough rundown of how to perform a closet cleanse with ease!


    Create a new shopping agenda before you go shopping again. You should now have a plan of action or map of the key items that you uncovered missing from your wardrobe (colors, pants etc.) and necessity basics (a good structure blazer, camisoles, great undergarments, neutral colored shoes, tops, pants) before investing in interest pieces. I promise you shopping will be  a much easier experience once you've covered all the basics and begin to add other pieces later. Also refrain from purchasing items just because they are cheaper or on sale unless you actually love them. These are the items that usually get left behind in the closet and cause more clutter. Pick items you LOVE, even if they are a bit pricier! Besides, an abundant mindset brings abundance!

My Shopping for your Shape made easy handbook, includes everything you need to know to make shopping a breeze! No more overwhelm!


No matter what, a signature style is exactly what it says "signature" and a personal style is "personal". It should tell your story and no one else. No one has to understand it other than you and your ideal clients who speak the same language. As long as its an image that feels aligned, compliments you, your brand and is recognizable online and off, that's all that matters. Please don't mistake this idea as having to wear your brand colors everyday of the week but instead craft an image that speaks the same language at all times.

**Bonus Tip! Invest in a wardrobe stylist who is a mentor and understands what you need visually to take your brand and business to the next level. If you believe that you are worthy of success, a dream life and the opportunities that come with this, then a captivating image is needed period. It is time to stop looking at your Image as something frivolous, vain or something that can wait! Everyone deserves to look and feel powerful. As much as we hate to admit it, the minds of those on the outside looking in, are judgmental! Potential clients only see what you present to them, before the conversation ever begins! Make an impact right from the start to be chosen and not overlooked!

Click here to begin your journey to signature image, confidence and client attraction!