Why hire a personal stylist and how to choose one so its worth the investment!

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You might have asked yourself before...why would I pay a stylist if shopping for myself is free? duh!

Thing is...shopping for yourself is free but at what overall cost? 

Is it worth the pile of clothes you leave on the bed, floor and everywhere else every time you are getting dressed?

Is it worth the uneasiness or dare I say panic you feel when a big event is coming up?

Is it worth the time you can spend being productive doing loads of other things?

Is it worth throwing away money on things you may never wear and don't actually LOVE?

Is it worth fighting with yourself in dressing rooms because nothing ever fits right and the sales lady just gives the same advice to everyone?

Is it worth cleaning out your closet only to find that you pretty much kept everything that you took out and still have a closet full of nothing to wear?

Is it worth buying something online only to have to return it EVERY TIME?

Is it worth continuously telling yourself that style doesn't matter when in actuality you would like to look "a tiny bit better" daily?

Is it worth saying how much you hate shopping over and over again? Why not do something different?

I could go on and on forever but I am assuming you may get the picture by now and that's because somewhere deep inside you, you know you are worth moving past any of those issues above. And that getting dressed can actually be fun + easy!

That's where a personal stylist comes in! Someone who works with you one on one to help you develop a personal style that screams you! A style that you always wanted or knew was possible. A style that feels so effortless because it was always inside of you dying to come out. Bold, look at me style that helps you to stand out, not just with bright colors and decorations but is bold simply because your confidence is through the roof! A style and understanding of self (as it relates to style) that will, in turn, remove any of those problems above. 

The job of your personal stylist is not only to find you cute clothes but to increase the confidence that is already there. To give you the step by step tools to look like the slay queen you want to look and feel like, whatever that means for you! 

The messiness of styling some entreprenurs for a shoot!  Check out the end product here !

The messiness of styling some entreprenurs for a shoot! Check out the end product here !

Not all personal stylists are made equal though. Choose wisely so you get what you need and it is worth the time and investment.

1.  A stylist can be amazing at what she does but her values on what personal style actually is needs to align with yours. What she says, the knowledge she brings etc. needs to sound like what you want for yourself.

** For example, I speak of boldness, uniqueness and go in depth on developing style constantly and you may not necessarily want to stand out, you may just want to build a capsule wardrobe around a couple of nice pieces that you can mix and match time and time again. In that case, I wouldn't be your gal! You might get comfort, ease, and style from both of us but our style values are not aligned.

2.  Experience! In my book, this can be experience with multiple clients (with separate needs) through testimonials that you can see OR experience through walking her talk (IE: she dresses herself well and is confident) However be careful with the second one because even though she may know how to style herself, styling another woman with a different personality is a whole 'nother ball game. Credentials are nice too (fun fact: I am certified by School of Style) but choosing a stylist can be like choosing someone like a doctor...Sometimes the paper doesn't mean a hill of beans. So don't get too hung up on it, choose from the heart and from the results they've gotten others.

3.  Talk about your expectations openly and see if her packages match your needs.

4.  Don't invest if you're not ready to change your life! Great style has a ripple effect. That when you upgrade your wardrobe, it brings confidence unlike no other which in turn propels everything else in your life. A confident woman truly breathes success! So be open to her coaching and recommendations while voicing your feelings throughout.

And that's all folks!! Let me know what your biggest take away from this post is in the comments below. 

Also, if after scoping through my website, I feel like a fit for you and your style journey, let's hop on a complimentary call to discuss :-) 

With Fashion&Style LOVE<3. . . Phylicia