5 Ways Discovering your Style Personality can create major Success in your life and business!

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Pin this image to read this article later

But what is a Style Personality anyway? (uh huh, I heard you asking!)

Your Style Personality is who you truly are as a person that then transcends into your personal style and overall image. It is unique, specific to you and has the ability to authentically communicate before you actually even utter a word. It is an expressive form of self care that tells your potential clients and everyone else who you are, what you do and what you are about! And who doesn't want to connect with the right people in such a strong and clear way, right?

Believe it or not, an authentic Style Personality has the power to create success in your life and business in 5 major ways. Let me explain in 5 easy ways:

  1.  It strengthens your Brand Identity and makes you MEMORABLE! You know that brand website or social media profile that you ran into and just drooled over it, wanted to return time and time again just to look at the stylish owner's outfits, or even purchase because of the pretty colors or overall aesthetic! Well that is a brand presence worth having and it begins with a unique and authentic style personality!

  2.  It makes you RELATE-ABLE! A great business or brand connects with their ideal audience in a way another business in the same niche cant!..your business is an extension of your true personality, as is your style...Show them the REAL YOU! They will love you for it!

  3.  It broadens your horizon! No matter what you do, coaching, music, arts..Personal style gives you a greater reach and leaves viewers wanting to know more about you and how you can help or entertain!

  4. It releases overwhelm, eliminates the dreaded "what do I wear? what do I buy?" syndrome and finally ends your closet war! You know when you have that awesome and equally important event coming up? Or how about that client meeting that you want to make a lasting first impression on? By simply starting with personal style discovery, you are able to gain clarity on styling the items in your wardrobe, picking out the RIGHT pieces when shopping and putting together looks time and time again that just work! (and get you tons of compliments of course)

  5. Last but not least, a Genuine Style Personality uplifts you and makes you feel good knowing that you are looking good!...and when you LOOK good, you FEEL good and your productivity skyrockets. Be the ROCK-STAR #bossbabe you were born to be!

Wanting to know what's the easiest way to do this style personality discovery thing? I got you covered lovely! (you lucky girl you!) I created this (FREE) quick and easy style personality quiz just for you! Take it now to get on the right path to style success that aligns with your personality, lifestyle and brand identity! Click the image below to sign up and get instant access to a life-changing style journey.