3 Ways to Wear a basic black dress so that it is not so basic!

Hey, Lady loves!

This is not your typical little black dress post. (As I don't even adhere to that "little black dress necessity" trend. The reason behind that is another story for another day haha) Today we will be chatting about a black dress as part of the basics or foundation pieces in your wardrobe (camis, white tee, basic long sleeve jersey etc.). This dress has to be one that is free from all added bells and whistles and really is "basic", similar to a tank top but longer. 

I find this to be an absolute must-have in your wardrobe because of its potential to be transformed in so many ways. It is truly a blank canvas and that makes it versatile. Time and time again you are able to pair it with standout interest pieces, that not only changes its look but elevates it. No matter the season or the time of day, this is a staple in your closet!

With the use of various accessories, here are 3 ways to wear a basic black dress, in a not so basic way. Because you are here I know that you are as bold as I am! You like trying new things when it comes to your style and this post can help you think outside the box on such a simple item, that you might already have in your wardrobe. However, remeber to Stay true to your specific style personality when getting creative.

Look #1

This is a DIY cocktail look I created to really emphasize how much of a blank canvas a basic black dress is. To create this look, I used my headwrap and changed the entire look and even silhouette of my basic figure-hugging black dress. A headwrap is a long piece of fabric used to stylishly accessorize your head and hair (most times African, Asian or even middle eastern inspired). But to mix things up a bit, I love to experiment and think of new ways I can wear it other than on my head (I've also used it as a skirt and belt before). To recreate a similar look, be sure that your dress is of the same figure-hugging nature so that you are not adding bulk to your body and it still remains flattering. If your basic black dress is a bit more loose fitting, try using look #2 below to accentuate your waistline!

Look #2

Add an edgy/chic belt (or any belt that has character) to the mix, a choker and heels for a sexy nighttime look. Feel free to also use color instead of sticking within the black family. A really vibrant, bold pair of heels and/or a statement necklace can also elevate this look perfectly.

To make this belted look a bit comfier and daytime worthy, swap your heels for a pair of oxfords, slip-on sneakers or flats, which leads us to look #3!

Look #3

Try not to "save" all of your dressy items for only a special occasion, even if it might be fit for one. Some items like your simple black dress have the potential to be casual in your wardrobe. The Fall season is a great time to throw over a chunky knit sweater, with boots or even a simple pair of oxfords. 

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