10 Tips to make being Stylish + Comfy EASY!

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Hey #Ladyboss!

Style + Comfort...IT CAN BE DONE...and don't let anyone tell you different! 

You do not have to sacrifice COMFORT to be STYLISH! Both can coexist in the same wardrobe! It is definitely possible and I'm here to tell you how with 10 easy tips!

🌟TIP #1: Quality over Quantity! clear your wardrobe of anything that is not your idea of comfy, forcing you to only create outfits and wear items that make you feel completely comfortable.

🌟TIP #2: Use accessories to your advantage! Statement jewelry, bold but comfy shoes, hats, bright/printed scarves, handbags, head wraps etc are known to finish the look and can take your plain tee shirt and jeans outfit from 0 - 100 real quick!

🌟TIP #3: Fit + Fabric! If all else fails, make sure that your garments fit well! Comfort does not mean baggy, boxy or overly casual. Your clothes should be of the right silhouette for your shape and skim your body (not cling). Some fabrics tend to be dressier than others! Example: dark wash jeans are usually easier to dress up rather than light wash. Cotton tends to be a bit more casual vs. Something like silk (but can both still be comfy)

🌟TIP #4: Heels DO NOT always have to be an option! (Unless you want them to of course) Go for a pair of chunky 3 inch heels or flats... Even sneakers can be made to look really stylish if you put them together the right way!

🌟TIP #5: Hair and Makeup! Even if you are wearing a simple white tee, denim and flats, a fresh face and tamed hair can go a long way, taking your look up a notch. Be sure to always have a beauty routine under your belt, whether you are a a subtle/natural look kind of girl or a "fleeky eyebrows/beat face" kind of girl! 

🌟TIP #6: Try Mixing prints or wearing a bright color combo (or even a monochrome look)!
This is another easy way to up-level your style factor while keeping things comfy. Many women are often intimidated by mixing prints because they simply just don't understand HOW to do it and do not want to risk looking tacky! But let's break it down in a simple way. The key to mixing prints is to stay in one color family at all times. Also a larger print size with a smaller print size often works the best.
The easiest way to begin mixing prints is replace your solid colored top with a monochromatic pattern in that same color. Monochromatic meaning stripes, polka dots etc.

🌟TIP #7: Be creative! Dress down an item you usually dress up with in order to change your perspective on it. You might be only wearing it in a way that doesn't make you feel totally comfortable. For example: your pencil skirt does not only need to be worn with stilettos but can also be worn with the a 3 inch chunky heel sandal, flats or even ankle booties depending on the skirt and it's length.

🌟TIP #8: Wear items such as leather jackets, sleeveless blazers and classic blazers to layer. These completer pieces polish your look up a bit and allow you to be comfy yet chic.

Read  How to wear a sleeveless blazer  for a chic power look!

Read How to wear a sleeveless blazer for a chic power look!

🌟TIP #9: Are you a yoga pants loving kind of gal? Try joggers instead. The same amount of comfy yet a bit more trendy.

🌟TIP #10: Try a capsule wardrobe! This is a versatile mix and match wardrobe of only about 30 or less comfy items that you absolutely love. It includes staple/necessity items in coordinating colors. This allows you to get dressed without using too much brain power.

Hope you absolutely love these tips and will put them into action! let me know in the comments!