How to make your look scream luxury!

Photographer: Alan Simpson

Photographer: Alan Simpson

Every brand serves a different audience. If your brand is for the high end client, then looking the part of high end should be a priority in your visual marketing! No matter who you serve, there is a way for you to draw those people in. Your ideal clients are always looking for subtle cues on the brand that is meant for them. Attract your ideal clients on purpose! Here are my 4 best tips on how to look expensive, even if your style personality is causal:

  1. Use colors that scream luxury in a deep psychological way and you will instantly appear more sophisticated, wealthy and like someone who knows what they are talking about.

Some of the most luxurious colors that may resonate with your high end clients are Gold, Black, Purple and Silver. These colors strategically placed in your clothing, branding, social presence and even on your website are proven to send the right messages to those who are willing to pay premium prices. 

Black: an elegant, sophisticated hue associated with authority and power. Although a bit mysterious by itself, add an additional and more inviting color (yellow, green pink etc.) into the mix to also maintain a friendly appeal. In terms of your actual wardrobe be sure to not get sucked into the "black is slimming; black goes with everything" statements. Color is a necessity in your wardrobe because it allows you to display your personality, creativity, is highly inviting and allows you to simply lead a colorful life.

Gold:  the color of wealth, success, abundance and high status. Try to stick with true gold rather than glitzy, sequin gold that if not used in the right way can appear tacky. The easiest way to add this color into your wardrobe is through your accessories, especially if your skin tone is warm (explained more in my stylish Facebook group for female entrepreneurs). A mix of Gold and Black are a great combo. Also feel free to pair it with strong colors such as red.

Purple:  the color of royalty, wisdom, creativity and spirituality. Historically, this color was very expensive to make back in the day because it is not naturally found in nature so royals would wear it to display their wealth and status. This is still true today. Wear purple at speaking engagements or in other public speaking places to appear confident and creative.

Silver: a cool, feminine color that represents luxury, responsibility and organization. Silver is a great color to pair with any other color because it illuminates them and makes them stand out. In your wardrobe, pair silver with colors such as different shades of blue. Sequins or Metallic items are also fun to use in this color.

A casual but luxe look!  Blazer- Forever21// Necklace- Stella&Dot// Shoes- Jefferey Campbell// Scarf below- stella&dot  Photographer: Alan Simpson

A casual but luxe look!

Blazer- Forever21// Necklace- Stella&Dot// Shoes- Jefferey Campbell// Scarf below- stella&dot

Photographer: Alan Simpson

2. Invest in classic pieces such as a structured handbag and tailored clothing.

These are timeless and give you a put together look every time. In terms of your handbag, whether its structured or not makes people decide if it was expensive or not, even if it really wasn't. Also, materials such as leather are more luxurious. An item that is always worth splurging on is a sturdy, stylish handbag that will last you a while but you can also seek out really great finds that are not too pricey. On the other hand, when you have on pants, skirts, structured blazers and shirts that are well tailored, and fitted, you instantly look more expensive even if the item is on the cheaper side.

One of my favorite handbags from  Stella&Dot

One of my favorite handbags from Stella&Dot

Photographer: Alan Simpson

Photographer: Alan Simpson

3. Use accessories and makeup choices that help to elevate the entire look. Details matter!

Some of my favorites are slim neck scarfs, wide brimmed hats, pointed toe or patent leather heels, statement necklaces and belts with gold or silver links. On the other hand a deep, rich red or purple lip color with otherwise minimal makeup can work wonders for increasing your luxe appeal. It is instantly sexy, bold and displays confidence.

Photographer: Alan Simpson

Photographer: Alan Simpson

Versatile 5 in 1 statement necklace from  Stella&Dot

Versatile 5 in 1 statement necklace from Stella&Dot

4. Choose certain fabrics over another.

Although a little bit more expensive and not everyone's sup of tea, (especially for my vegan and animal protection readers) leather, silk, well made cotton and cashmere are some fabrics that display a sense of luxury in the eyes of those looking in.

Those are my 4 very best tips! Let me know in the comments if you will be trying some or all of these to elevate your brand and attract your high end clients.