10 Fall Must-Haves to spice up your wardrobe!

Or more like "Fall Faves"! The steadfast "PERSONAL style" advocate in me, knows that one "must-have" might not be for everyone! I want you to always feel the need to find your own necessities for your wardrobe whether they are a twist on what I am recommending or something totally different. I am all for it! 

With that said, my recommendations are gooood! They are drool worthy!

#1 Outerwear

When the temp drops, a key piece in your outfit becomes your outwear, because naturally that's the first thing people see. I always recommend having at least 1 denim jacket, 1 leather jacket and 1 coat that you can rock all Fall/Winter long. Its a great way to interchange the pieces that you create layered looks with and make a statement. Feel free to replace one of the jackets with a chunky knit cardigan, if that's more you!


trench coat

#2 All White Gear

Go against the grain! Break the rules! Who says you can't wear white after labor day? I say, yes you can! Make a statement that no one can disagree with! There are so many ways to rock it. Newsboy hats, studded ankle booties, jackets and jeans.

white jacket

White Jacket



#3 Transition dresses

So many women shy away from wearing dresses in the Fall/ Winter season because they are unsure of how to keep warm with them on. Style them with thick tights, knee high socks and tall boots to finish the looks and remain warm. Feel free to also layer them with denim jackets and longer coats.

#4 Tall boots

Tall boots are a great addition to any wardrobe if you are hoping to wear some of your skirts and dresses as the temperature drops. But the best part is, that you can also wear them with your skinny jeans! Depending on your style personality, opt for over the knee boots or just knee high boots.

#5 70's inspired gear

We all know that fashion trends are often recycled, so its no surprise that 70s inspired items are currently being seen in stores. The best way to add them to your wardrobe is by mixing and matching them with modern items to create a great contrast vs. only wearing that one trend.

#6 High shine fabrics

This summer, one of the trends were transparent and Lucite shoes, bags etc. As we move into Fall, you will still see a lot of this, as well as patent leather, vinyl and other high shine fabrics/materials. This isn't something for everyone but for the slightly edgy woman who wants more unique items in her wardrobe, this is truly it! Although Lucite and transparent pieces (these 2 specifically) may be Spring / Summer trends, feel free to wear them subtly in the Fall. I know i will be!

lucite heels

Lucite heels and Bag

Nasty Gal

#7 Animal prints

Get into it girl! haha Although, keep in mind that it's OK to not love any of these must have items. Personal style is just that, PERSONAL. I've met so many women who disliked animal prints. Some of them were just unsure of how to style it, while others just preferred other prints that were not as loud. Another thing to keep in mind, is that you can also wear it moderately using accessories only. Try a leopard print head wrap or snakeskin ankle booties, you might just fall in love! 

#8 Cutout ankle boots

I am so in love with these because they are so unique! Rather than your typical pair of ankle booties, they just stand out. The only con is that you might not be able to wear them well into winter. Keep that in mind when shopping.

#9 Brown is the new black

Love black but looking for an alternative? This dark shade is getting more love this season! Opt for a brown blazer instead of a black one. A brown pair of boots or dress pants instead of a black one.

#10 Thick tights

Last but not least, these will forever be on my must have list. More than any of the trends, you need these. Every Fall, I usually re-up on my tights and leggings! They come in a rainbow of colors, knits and blend stylishly with so many looks while keeping you warm. My favorites usually come from H&M, JCREW and Asos! When shopping for them, stick to the ones that are opaque vs. sheer.

 That’s all folks! Hope you loved this rundown of must haves! Let me know in the comments below! Feel free to also ask me how to wear similar styles that are already in your wardrobe.