How to wear a blazer in a non-corporate, innovative way!

Now if u know me and what I stand for when it comes to personal style, you know that I am not about that trend life! I am more about innovation, owning who you are and presenting just that to the world.

With the Fall season right around the corner, an absolute style staple in my wardrobe is the blazer. When it comes to layering effortlessly but still looking put together, this item is key! Now I know there are so many blazer choices out there but a structured, well fitted, "tailored to perfection" one is always my #1 recommendation. When shopping for one, keep this in mind, as it flatters every shape and creates a waistline. 

One thing I notice is that women reserve blazers primarily for when they are wanting to "look professional" or to be thrown on only in a dressy setting, but this blog post is all about using a blazer in a non-professional/corporate kind of way. It is important to know that style, innovation and looking put together can always be on your terms.

I purposely chose to highlight colored blazers because my clients usually find them the most difficult to create outfits with and I can guess this might be an issue for you as well. I can bet that everyone reading this, has at least one blazer in their wardrobe, but are you wearing it only to biz meetings or work? Let's change that! Blazers can do so much more!

Here are a few ways to wear straight from my wardrobe! Re-create them or let them inspire you to create your own looks.


Elevate an all black look!

An all black look can lack personality but one quick way to give it a bold kick is by layering an item of color that works well with your skin-tone. 

blazer: Express// necklace: Stella&Dot

*Pro-tip: Well fitted blazers and jackets that end at the hip (boyfriend blazers) or just above it (classic blazers), define the waistline and create shape! Cut away or cut off blazers that end at the waist can work well for pear shapes who want to create balance in body proportion or rectangle/boyish shapes to create curves.

This look is great for a relaxed networking event or for one of those days where you need to transition from day to night with ease. Easily alternate accessories by switching from a statement necklace to a printed scarf (as shown above), while still maintaining the same vibe.


Classy with a twist!

Putting your own spin on a classic cocktail look is doable with the use of texture or print.

If you've been around here long enough you know Menswear-inspired looks with added feminity is something I love. It's spunky and innovative. For this look, I added just that, as well as texture (fringe skirt) to put a spin on the classic cocktail kind of look. For instance, if you are attending a cocktail party, where guests tend to go for cocktail dresses or full skirts, put a spin on that by using a mini that has pizzazz and create balance with a chic blazer on top that refines the entire look. 


Bold color-bold print combo!

Other than mixing prints, a bright color paired with a bold print is the perfect duo.

blazer +pants H&M// necklace: Stella&Dot

One of the easiest ways to look effortlessly trendy is by using color in a dynamic way. This allows you to shy away from playing it safe all the time. Either add another really bold (but complementary) color on the bottom or add a print that speaks loudly. This way you can always change the look of your blazer time and time again. Another example of this HERE if you like to mix prints!


 Here is a basic look at complementary colors that work well together. Keep this in your back pocket :-)

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest


Casual with Character! 

Who said your casual and comfy looks had to be dull? ...NOT ME!

blazer: Express// pants: ZARA// neckpiece: Fanm Djanm

Blazers are a completer piece. Meaning that they finish or pull together a look. Although they can be the star of the show, it is often the one item that is usually in the background but actually doing all the work.  

One of the biggest misconceptions about a blazer is that it can't be casual! Every single item in your wardrobe has the potential to be dressed up or down. It's all about changing your mindset around it. Add a blazer to a simple denim, sneakers & tee look or something a bit more creative (but still casual) like my look above.

Did you find this post helpful in inspiring you to mix and match your blazers more often? Or maybe to add a colored blazer to your wardrobe with confidence? Let me know in the comments below! Also shop my favorite blazer choices here!

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