how to wear denim

The Boldest way to do denim this Spring/Summer!

Denim becomes less of an option when the weather gets warmer! Sometimes for obvious reasons like it’s too hot for them or less obvious reasons like they feel a bit boring in the Spring/Summer months when your go to items might be a bit more fun, flowy and loaded with colorful detail. For that reason, this post is all about creative ways for how to wear denim this Spring and well into Summer. Especially if you’re a jeans all year round kinda girl and wanting to stylishly spice things up!

First things first, if you are in the market for jeans, opt for a unique pair with a little something special rather than the classic dark wash, light wash or white options. This alone, can be the remedy for an otherwise boring or typical denim look. In other words, let you jeans do the talking! I partnered with, a sustainable denim company that is all about the unique!

For the undecided days in Spring that are in between warm and kinda chilly! Replace your classic denim or leather jacket with one that has Spring like details. Look for styles with colorful embroidery or even floral. This one from andagain is so fun, super intricate and most of all different. Style this with a midi denim skirt for a denim on denim feel. Midi skirts with a slit in the front are also pretty trendy right now like this one I got from Urban Outfitters. I rarely follow trends but this one really caught my eye.

If you’ve been following me for a while you also know that I am a big fan of mixing prints/patterns and color in any way that I can! White jeans are worn a lot during the Summer, but what about a white pair with some black contrast? I styled these with pops of color for an unexpected finish. They also have a frayed hem at the ankles which I love and a straight, high waist fit that is flattering!

This last look, feels like a print on print mix because of the patchwork style jeans. If you are into mixing prints, this is a great way to do it during the Summer using denim.

Let me know in the comments if this post gave you some style inspiration for incorporating denim into your Spring/Summer wardrobe; in a not so basic way! Excited to hear your thoughts! All jeans and the denim jacket can be found on