leather pants

How to create an eye-catching outfit EVERY TIME you get dressed!

The bolder the better, that's what I always say! But even if you are not as bold as I like to be when it comes to my style, you can still stand out with one thing... DETAILS!!! Even very simple, subtle details, believe it or not, are noticed. They add substance to every outfit and give it something special to draw the eyes toward. Details can also be used to camouflage areas on your body that you are not particularly confident with accentuating. 

To create an eye-catching outfit every time, choose pieces with a little sumthin' extra!  Unique details!

- Notice the first thing about the item that pulled you in (that might be "the something special")

- Remember that details can look different on different pieces. When shopping, look for prints that flatter, colors that are unique and embellishments like studs, interesting necklines, ruffles, bell sleeves, cutout dresses/shirts, textured pieces like fur, suede etc. that make it noticeable. Make choices that flatter your body type but don't shy away from taking risks once you understand how to make things work for you. Break the "rules" as you see fit! It takes some time and art to master this but once you're there you know it. 

[p.s An Instagram body type series is in the works that will help you decode your shape/type and all the silhouettes that work best for you, stay tuned...]

- Don't forget the accessories. I am a massive fan of statement jewelry and shoes. They can change the look of any basic outfit even jeans and a tee. Look for similar characteristics in them as you would look for when choosing clothes.

Check out some of my looks below with pieces that add details to an otherwise simple outfit.

grommet leather pants

Look #1 has not only embellishments on top and bottom but texture as well! I styled these detailed leather pants with this olive green denim shirt jacket that has some fringe and buckles! I kept the shoes simple and classic to balance things out. This look is still a pretty casual one but is cool, edgy, stylish and can help you to stand out in the crowd at the same time.

Look #2 uses color to create a head-turning look. I styled basic black pants with over the knee boots and a printed asymmetrical top. The print is bold but the true interest piece of this look is the red leather jacket. It also has silver zippers and buckles that create a stand out appeal. 


Hope you absolutely love these looks and are inspired to create your own eye-catching outfits! Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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