20 ways to wear a lariat necklace!...and why its a must have!

Hey there, you powerful woman!

So excited about today's post, that I can't contain myself! Although I have a very creative style personality, I love classic/ versatile pieces. One staple in my wardrobe for almost 3 years has been my lariat necklace! This is the necklace that just keeps on giving, literally! Its a long strand of brass beading, with gold, silver and rose gold accents that is able to be worn at least 20 different ways (might be more), transitioning from day to night effortlessly. Can you imagine how many outfits you can add this to?

After spilling the tea to quite a few clients about this versatile gem, they couldn't help but scoop one up, so I thought, why not share this lifesaver with the rest of my community! Below I am giving you some highlights of the different ways to style it!


The Simple Knot

loop over once like you are tying a shoelace!

The Zoe Lariat Necklace by Stella&Dot


The Chunky Knot

wrap around your neck and hold both sides of the strand together in front of you. Create 1 big knot as if tying a rope!


The Belt

The necklace has small weights at the end that keep it in place no matter how you style it. So don't worry about not having belt loops. Tie to your liking.

This is a great addition to any dress to accentuate.


The Wrap Bracelet

Wrap your necklace around until it is fitted around your wrist and not too much of the strand is hanging. Then tie a knot to hold it in place.

No need to worry about shiftiness, as long as its secure!


The Back Tie

For a sexy look with a low back, create a loop knot similar to the simple knot shown above and swing the necklace towards the back.


The Scoop Back

To create a more subtle silhouette, create a scoop affect in the back and tie in front.


The long tie choker

Give a simple loop close to your neck for a men's tie effect!


The Bow-tie Choker

double wrap the strand around your neck and tie towards the front into a knot.


The Open tassel choker

Double wrap the strand around your neck, but this time leave it open. The weights at the end will keep it in place!


The French neck tie

Double the necklace then place it around your neck, loop it together and sweep it to the side.


The Bow

Create an actual bow as if tying a shoelace.


The Double Strand Choker

Wrap the necklace around your neck until their is not much left hanging, then create a slight knot and leave the bigger weight hanging for a soft appeal.


The headband

Tie the necklace around your hair to sweep it away from yourface. Then place a knot in the back to keep things in place. Let the rest of the strand hang for a feminine appeal.

(modeled by my lovely photographer, Kaiya

Creating the last 7 looks are simply a matter of choosing the knots to be high vs. low for a different effect, using it as an ankle bracelet or tying all the front styles towards the back and vice versa. 

Versatile statement pieces like this one, allow you to make the same item look different every single time you wear it, changing the look of your outfit and reduces the need for you to buy something new each time you have an occasion. Now that you know why the lariat is a total must have in your wardrobe...will you be scooping one up too? 

Here's where I got mine and recommend to everyone else!  The Zoe Lariat by Stella&Dot is durable, nickel/lead-free, does not tarnish and also comes in gold! Such a steal if you ask me!

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