My Unconventional Valentine's Day Looks: An ODE to looking different and being ME!

2 second rant! andddd GO! 

Whether or not you realize it, social media and the internet in general are subconsciously always trying to make us be everyone else but ourselves! But in a world full of people and other female entrepreneurs who try to all look and talk the same, what makes YOU different? what makes YOU stand out? 

It's so easy to get stuck in comparison-itis mode and get insecure about how you or your brand looks compared to other women and their brands. But if you want to standout while being who you are and share your message, you NEED to BE YOU! Stop comparing yourself and your brand to everyone else and saying things like, "if you did this or that, like so and so then i'll get more like clients". You are different and will attract your ideal clients based on the fact that you are you, and no one else has your greatness!! And I get it, it's hard, even I am guilty of this at times and have to be mindful of my thoughts. But it is doable! Being different or unconventional is not a bad thing, its what makes you shine.

Even on a day like Valentines, where the online media says "wear red or pink" etc, challenge yourself to be different. Although this might be something small, it can be a testament to how you live your life!

Dress: H&M// Fur Coat: Asos// Oxfords: Amazon// Choker: Forever21

Dress: H&M// Fur Coat: Asos// Oxfords: Amazon// Choker: Forever21

Now back to the Valentine's Day looks:-) Perception is everything when it comes style and you are allowed to be whoever you want to be in the minds of others. A signature style is key to being remembered! My signature style is sassy with a bit of edge. I never play by "fashion rules" and I love to mix colors, prints, textures, with a bit of fun and sex appeal. I consistently represent this throughout my brand and in my personal style stories. For Valentine's, I wanted to create 2 looks I know would be aligned with my signature style, brand and personality, regardless of color.

The first look keeps the sultry Valentine's day vibes going with this body hugging leopard print dress, fur coat, a choker, oxfords instead of heels and a bright red lip. . 


This statement look made me feel like myself while I still maintained comfort. It was just the right amount of sex appeal vs classic elegance. Go for a similar look if you are wanting to transition from day to night. 

The second look included a hint of  red but still kept things far from the norm with a bit more edginess, pops of print and color mixing. 

Peplum: H&M// Pants: H&M// Shoes: ModCloth// Blanket scarf: ZARA// Lariat necklace: Stella and Dot

Peplum: H&M// Pants: H&M// Shoes: ModCloth// Blanket scarf: ZARA// Lariat necklace: Stella and Dot

I paired a simple pair of black trousers with a plum colored peplum, checkered heels and a lariat necklace that brings the entire look together. NYC was cold that day and the blacket scarf was a great addition to compliment the look. Nothing makes me more excited than creating outfits that standout. Outfits like this one with a unique blend of interests.

This look is a bit more styled and can be great for a more "dressed up" evening out.I love a great peplum for defining the waistline and adding femininity. For a similar look, keep things within the same color scheme for balance.

There you have it! Two unconventional Valentine's Day looks! Will you be creating your own "on brand" Valentine's Day looks for business or fun? Let me know in the comments below!

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